Best Manual Breast Pump in Public?

I’m still confused why videos are even made about breastfeeding I breastfed two children 13 and 11 years ago never had one issue ever I was modest I didn’t whip my best manual breast pump out for everybody to see because I actually like myself enough to keep myself covered because I have respect for me and other people but I never had any issues?!

You don’t even need nursing bra or clothing. You can wear layered clothing, like a short sleeved or sleeveless over another shirt that has cleavage. Pull up the top shirt so you have partial coverage over the top of your breast, and pull down shirt underneath. Bras usually are made of stretchy material so you can simply whip out the goods. Voila! Nothing to it!

Nice that “momsplained” includes moms who wear covers. I hear It’s a thing for some women to want to hide behind it and avoid getting shamed or shunned. Very foreign to me as a Dutch woman where topless sunbathing has been the norm for many years now. So a breast here and there to do as nature intended (feed her baby like all mammals), no one minds. Keep in mind mamas, those who do don’t matter.

Cover Up Best Manual Breast Pump

If you want to nurse with the best manual breast pump in public without covering up, go for it. If you want to nurse in public with a cover or want to excuse yourself to somewhere more private to use the best manual breast pump, do it. Do what makes you feel comfortable and stop judging other mamas on what they decide to do. I swear society just makes a big deal out of someone just feeding their baby

So I just have to say I’m from Idaho and I hate that this state doesn’t protect me when breastfeeding. Luckily there are a lot of supportive people here but it really sucks when you have a hungry crying baby who won’t take a bottle and won’t feed when covered and you have to go hide in the bathroom or something just because your afraid someone might be offended that you actually use your boobs for there intended purpose. On that note a bill has been brought forward to finally protect breastfeeding mom’s


The Vegan Lifestyle – Good or Bad?

Red meat is actually not a good source of B12. Vegetarians and vegans are less likely to have a B12 deficiency because they tend to be aware of it and consume fortified products. B12 is made by bacteria and found on and in a lot of plant matter. Vegetarian animals get their B12 from eating plant matter.

They do not make it themselves. What ever your diet category, you can have good and bad eating habits. Vegetarians or vegans can eat poorly too but most are more educated about diet so tend to eat healthier. If a person has one animal free meal a week for the reason of havign an animal free meal, that is a step forward and they should be complimented, not put down for not being 100% vegan.

I find it rather offensive that you judge me or anyone for that matter on their life style choices purely because it doesn’t fit in your paradigm of the world.
Dairy has been a part of the human diet for 7000 years and is a very good option to compliment your protein intake.

As for meat…we are omnivores whether you want to accept that or not. We need a variety of food to maintain optimal health. All you have to do is look at your canines to realize we are designed to eat meat. With all the food options and supplements we have today we can be healthy without animal flesh. However humans are by design flesh eating. Your CHOICE to be vegan is just that a choice; shaming someone else for their choice is unconscionable.

In the meantime, if you want to compliment your diet without bothering a cow, find yourself a human mother to milk from.

I don’t care if anybody wants to be vegan or vegetarian for themselves. I won’t force bacon down any vegan’s throat.

The biggest thing I can’t stand is when vegans try to shame others or force those under their care (as in children who have no voice when it comes to what they’re fed until a certain age, but ESPECIALLY pets who are naturally carnivores) to follow a strictly vegan diet.

Some people with certain allergies/food intolerances and ALL cats and dogs cannot live well or very long on an all-vegan diet. (The “vegan” cat and dog foods on the market are pretty much all scams that do far more harm than good, that no veterinarian worth his or her degree would advocate, and I’ve seen far too many articles about kittens and the like who were forced to subsist on potatoes and rice milk, who then had to be rushed to the vet for severe malnutrition) Their options are already limited by their bodies, they can’t afford to limit it any further.

It’s good that you made this video, it contains a lot of useful information and debunks a lot of harmful or just plain untrue stereotypes, but I hope you know that you’re not going to change everyone’s mind, and your point of view is just one among many – not a universal one size fits all truth.

The best thing for all of us to do – vegan, vegetarian, omnivore, etc. is you do you, don’t assume what other peoples’ nutritional needs are, and don’t shame or play armchair doctor/nutritionist to anybody who doesn’t follow your diet. 

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